Thursday, December 28, 2006

Update in Chronological Order

1) Rachel Graduated
2) Rachel got a new fabulous haircut
3) Christmas was great
4) Rachel Got a Job
5) Jer & Rach Bought a Car
6) Jer & Rach are going to New Hampshire for New Years

please stand by for additional info and pictures after the new year!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve and the Eve of Christmas Eve

On the eve of Christmas Eve we had a cupcake decorating party at the 'rentals. It is a family tradition that the Pauli's chill with Nancy on the 10th day of Christmas.

The cup cakes can become quite elaborate. Carl Pauli came out on top with his cupcake vignettes.

But we all did quite well

Tonight we are going to the Brugger's house. Another family tradition, when we hang with Papa Pauli's side of the fam - something that is a good time and not done frequently enough!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cute, very cute.

no heat. water pouring out of radiators onto our new hard wood floors. very very cute. last night we cranked up the space heater* in the bedroom jumped into bed and hoped jack frost did not infiltate the warm cocoon we created. Woke up this morning, the house was 51 degress. chilly.

The plumber has come and taken care of business, the heat is back up and we are relaxing carribean style. pina colda anyone?

I am wondering if our broken heating is karma as a result of my earlier "crack spackle" joke (see below)

*for fretting moms the space heater has an automotic shut off.


When I was a kid I LOVED Garfield. So, when I stumbled upon this comic I could not resist posting it here.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

those ain't reindeer on our roof.

I was disappointed the other morning to discover that instead of reindeer, santa, or even some elves, we had roofers up on top of the house. At 7:00am they launched their ladders onto the house and got to serious business. They finished the job in two days. They were animals. I was thinking though that perhaps I should have offered them some of this:

Comes in handy for those tough jobs.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

O Tannenbaum

Deck the big fat round bushy tree, fa la la la la la la la la.
It is bigger than 10 of me, fa la la la la la la la la.

This is our first Christmas tree together and it is something special. Remember when you were a kid and you always wanted the biggest tree in the lot. Well we ain't got no parents telling us what to do so we got a big tree. But it turned out to be just as wide as it is tall. Perhaps even wider. With a lot of hand me down ornaments our tree is fully decked. All we need is a tree topper and of course more presents under the tree.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A Yule Tide Graduation

Hold onto your egg nog. Rachel is getting her Master's degree for Christmas. The last paper is finished. Even though the 27th is teacher grade submission and January I will receive the official letter of completion, Rachel ain't got no college! Last class is tonight and I am so stoked I am getting all dressed up.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Who is this Mr. Hankey?

So our friend Marissa is a fancy pants at a book publishing company here in Boston. Recently the company published a book called "South Park and Philosophy". The cover looks like this:

A few weeks ago she was in New York, at a meeting, promoting/distributing this book to her peeps. At the meeting were two very prim and proper, mature, Canadian women. Marissa launched into a discussion about the book "South Park and Philosophy" when one of the women asked: "Now, who is this Mr. Hankey". Marissa, dieing inside, said, "Oh, he is a character that occasionally makes an appearence on South Park, the readers will know who he is." The women persisted, Marissa's colleagues balked. Marissa took the same tack again. "Oh, he is a character that makes a cameo on South Park". The women were not satified with the answer, Marissa's colleagues stared at her. Finally after another failed attempt at avoiding the question. Marissa said: "Mr. Hankey is the Christmas Poo".

The women, lips pursed, sat silently, "Oh, I see."

So, everyone, do Marissa a favor and buy the book. Look at what she has to deal with to get the message of South Park and Philosphy out there.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It ties the whole room together.

A day or two ago we received a wonderful gift in a coffee table from Dad and Thom. Just like the rug in the Big Labowski, it really ties our whole room together. Thank you very much Dad and Thom. We both love the table and it fits perfect.