Monday, January 22, 2007

Rachel's got a brand new bag!!

That title should be sung in typical James Brown fashion. And by "bag" I mean job.
Rachel started her new job today. This is her first job in a long while as she was very busy getting all A's during her master's program at UMass. To all of you reading this please send your thoughts and prayers her way. She is both excited and nervous to start. She was also very apprehensive about having to wake up at a specified time. As she says, she is so "good at not working".
Please send her your support and encouragement as she enters the "real world" in her chosen field of study.

Monday, January 15, 2007


For Christmas, Sharon & Greg got us Season One of "Scrubs". The show is super funny but we never get to catch it real time. We have been staying up late getting season one under our belts.
When I (Rachel) was baby sitting back in November for a 7 week stint, the family, as a thank you gift, gave me a $100 gift card to Borders books, we are picking up season two and three really soon.

When I was poking around the Scrubs website, I found a sketch of a Scrubs set. Makes sense, but I had no idea that that was the first step in set design, learn something new every day.

Scrubs admission room:

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Both of our jobs require a car for the commute - so we got a fun new car. Jeremy kicks the tires, Rachel approves the color and we are good to go.

Since Rachel is going to be driving a LOT for the new gig, as a graduation present, Carl and Susan got her a Garmin Nuvi GPS system. It is pretty sweet. The voice we have chosen to boss her around is Austrailian, "take a right, stop for the dingo, take a left, stop, then enjoy some shrimp on the barbe"

New Years

So here are a few pics from our trip to New Hampshire over New Years.

thought Murphy would love this one...
The Bangstons
Things got a little out of hand, and someone got hanged.

Rachel didn't do it. Mike did.

There was a special musical guest too.

Yes, it IS MJ.

More to come. XOXO, US

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Revisited

We have not really gotten a chance to sit still till now to share our christmas festivities. Christmas eve and Christmas day was great. Christmas eve we went to Watertown, MA, a longtime tradition. We have no photo's of the night since what happens in Watertown, stays in Watertown. But we will leave it at this - we recieved a hot chocolate maker - huge hit with the kiddies on New Years.

Chrismas Day we went over to the Pauli's very early and stuffed ourselves with cinamon rolls, relaxed, and opened gifts that our man, santa, left under the tree. Here are some pictures:

(the socks are jeremy's)