Sunday, March 25, 2007

Please Send a Buck or Two

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, where I completed my clinical internship, is launching it's first annual walk and I hope that you can donate a buck or two to help the cause. BARCC is an incredible organization which provides free clinical, advocacy and legal services to individuals who have survived sexual violence. Your help would make sure the center keeps moving on and meetings it's goals to serve the community.

To help please click:

Your donation will help my old supervisor and friend meet her fundraising goals!

"The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC), established in 1973, was one of the first rape crisis centers in the United States to advocate for and support survivors of sexual assault. First initiated as a grassroots, activist endeavor, the organization continues to be supported by over 140 BARCC volunteers annually. Volunteers provide hotline crisis counseling, adolescent and family services, support groups, medical support, legal advocacy and education to businesses, community groups, teen centers and schools. As the second oldest rape crisis center in the United States, BARCC has been highly visible nationally in the fight against violence against women. BARCC staff and volunteers have been invited to consult both in the US and abroad and educate the police, court personnel, medical providers, the judiciary, human service providers and the general public. BARCC continues to fight for and win legislative reforms that improve the court process. Last year, BARCC served over 8,500 women, men and adolescents and reached out to individuals who are least able to otherwise access our services. These include adolescent boys and girls, financially disadvantaged women, linguistic minorities, women of color, the elderly, the homeless, and disabled women. BARCC provides these services to individuals in Cambridge as well as throughout the greater Boston area (within the Rte 128 belt)." (

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sint Maarten!!!!!!

Gallion Bay

Lovely Cinnamon Roll, anyone?
Orient Beach

Snorkeling off of Pinel Island.

The View from the condo.

Friar's Bay

Surfing on Mullet Beach.

Dining out for Suki's birthday

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's and Nor-Eastaz

Two differences, of many, I have noticed between California and Boston are these:
In California, at least in little old Grass Valley, St. Patrick's Day is nothing else than a day where you make sure your plaid boxer shorts have some green in them so that you can show them to the cute girls who try to pinch you and so that you don't get pinched, or if you do you can issue the retaliatory pinch in return. In Boston, however, St. Patrick's Day is like a thing. A big thing. There are parades and pubs on top of pubs and more pubs and.... did I mention drinking? Anyway it is celebrated here much more than anything I had experienced in GV.
For St. Patrick's day I shoveled snow, Rachel bakes Irish bread and we watched The Departed. Leo did very well in our opinion.
In the beautiful mountains of CA it will snow and usually be sunny the next day. This allows you to either enjoy the fallen snow, or simply watch it melt depending on the amount of snow that fell the day before. In Boston, it will snow (and be really, really ridiculously cold) then rain on top of the snow and then freeze it all into one big block of solid, slippery ice. This makes for eventful walk to the car if you haven't shoveled your driveway.
Those are some noticeable differences between here and there. Oh yeah, the gas pumps here don't have the little retainer clips, so you have to stand out in the cold and hold the gas pump handle while you pour more and more of your paycheck into the gas tank of your car.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pictures to Follow

There will be pictures of our trip to Sint Maarten to follow but for now let me just say this.

The trick to having a pleasant trip is to have your reservation canceled by the airline.

This happened to us on the way home and after a few minutes of panic, day dreaming of staying another day on the island and wondering how they were going to try to screw us over they came back with good news.
We would be separate for the first hour flight to San Juan (not the good news), but for the 4 hour flight to Boston we would be sitting first class. We found out once we were on the plane that we were both seated in exit rows for the first flight, which means extra leg room.
First class was great. I ordered a Coke and a water at the same time. They also came in glasses, not plastic cups. We were served hot nuts. I was never so comfortable on a plane.
It was my first time in both exit row seats and first class seats and I approve whole heartedly.

The moral of the story...... Do what ever you can to have the airline mess things up just a little, so that you get upgraded.

Friday, March 02, 2007

You see this?!

This is where we are going tomorrow!!! We are currently living in a harsh environment with temps in the low thirties. We will be flying to Sint Maarten where it is a wonderfully hot 85 degrees. Jealous much? We will be gone for a week. Wish us well.