Thursday, May 31, 2007


My (Rachel) friend Salvatore Interlandi is hustling as a filmmaker in NYC. The following is a trailer of a movie he wrote and directed. He spent 16 months of his life devoted to the creation of this film.

Charlie is an official selection of “METHODFEST 2007”, is currently being screened in California, and will be making it's way to movie houses on the east coast this summer.

"After years of drifting away from his family, Charlie comes home one evening to find another man's car in the driveway. Certain of his wife's infidelity Charlie explodes into a binge of drinking, fighting, and confusion. The desperate search to remind himself of who he is leads him to his lover, to his ex-girlfriend, to an explosive confrontation with his best friend, and finally to an evening of chasing down a stranger in hopes of some emotional contact. The journey is a failure. Charlie returns home to ask for forgiveness. Charlie is about a man's search to discover why he has failed in love. Why he has constantly destroyed people closest to him, the one's who loved him most." -IMDb

For the faint of heart, take note, there is an "F Bomb", now get on with it.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Bike

A few people have asked what kind of bike it is. Since our camera broke I feel we got out of the habit of taking pictures. We have been meaning to put pictures of it up on the world wide web that is our blog. I finally forced us to go out and take pictures. Please withhold any comments on my "it's Sunday, and we're not going anywhere" outfit.

It's a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 Ltd.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


So we have been cruising on the bike this weekend. Jeremy got his license so I am good to go and cruise on it with him now. The weather here is great so we are hitting the streets. This past Friday we took the bike into the North End (Boston) to meet up with a few friends at Caffe Vittoria, which has one mean list of gelato. We stayed late and chatted it up.

Today, Saturday, we went to a cookout at the house of Jer's work buddy and then came home, rested up and bit then took the bike into Newbury Street (Boston). The motorcycle in combination with the good weather is definitely getting us out and around town. I have not let us go on the highway though, I am too nervous, fortunately I know a lot of "sneaky routes" to avoid it.

Vroom Vroom!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The New Bike Experience

Here are the bullet points to our new used bike experience:
• Looked for a bike on Craigslist for months
• Life became ruled by Criagslist searching
• Got undersold several times through Craigslist
• Saw a bike on my work's internal classifieds
• Made an offer
• Went to go pick it up in Rhode Island
• Stopped working 15 minutes after I drove away on it
• Left it at the seller's house
• It got towed to a local bike shop
• They didn't work on it for 3 weeks
• Tried to register it but needed a salvage inspection first
• Picked up the bike a month later
• Could go faster than 60 for the first 25 minutes
• Got the salvage inspection after the inspector said it didn't need it
• Took a taxi to the RMV (DMV) then back to the inspection site
• Signed up for Road Test on the 21st
• Failed safety inspection for slight dry rot in front tire and have three weeks to fix
• Scheduled tire replacement for the 26th
• Will probably sell in a year or two for substantial profit