Monday, July 30, 2007

Please, Don't Stand So Close to Me

We went to see The Police yesterday

whoops! wrong picture

They opened up with my favorite jam: "message in a bottle" and rocked for two hours. They turn out a good show for three guys who are known to not get along on the well. I guess that is what bags of money will do.

Harry Potter

Just in case you are wondering what we have been doing lately. Jer finished up Harry Potter and I have picked it up. I hate knowing that people out there are wandering around knowing what happened to you-know-who and Harry, while I still have no idea. Jer seems a little different from the knowledge he has.

Monday, July 16, 2007

"Live Free and Die"

Drat! I always get that wrong. It's "Live Free OR Die."

Well If you haven't guessed it we went to the beautiful state of New Hampshire this weekend on one of our patented weekend camping trips. We hustled to get up to Rumney, NH before the 10 o'clock quite time and we would have made it if weren't for several miles of traffic caused by a four car "fender bender." We set up our tent around 10:45 PM which is normal. If we set up our tent in the day light it isn't a Blanchard family camping trip.
That being said, Saturday was a great day for weather. We didn't plan much for this trip because I think subconsciencely we both wanted a nice relaxing get away more than an arduous hike like our last few camping trips of record.
We drove around for awhile and finally found a place to eat lunch and take in a little hike. On the way we stopped by to see the famed "Indian Head":
Following are several pictures from our hike around the Basin area:

The Basin:

We then headed back to camp with a pit stop at the local Plymouth ice cream shop, thanks to our little Nuvi.

We both got 3 scoops each (even though we asked for one) of delectable ice cream on a sugar cone with toppings for $3.90. That would have cost us 10 fat ones in Boston. If it were a little closer we would drive to Plymouth just for the ice cream.

When we got back to the camp site we started preparing the fire and the "hobo dinners". Frankly, if a "hobo" could afford to eat like this I would consider his position very favorable in the world. Our Hobo Dinners were comprised of beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, zucchini, cream of mushroom soup and seasonings. Layer those items, periodically dolloping the soup for flavor and wrap it all nice and tight in some aluminum foil.
Unfortunately for me, mine got a little too big and it was too close to the fire at first and the foil came undone, so I lost half of my dinner to the flames. Don't worry, I didn't starve.
We bought three bundles of wood because we were going to be burning for over 6 hours because we needed to make delectable s'mores. We melted the chocolate by placing it on a graham cracker on a log next to the fire. This worked well until the log eventually caught fire.
I would have a few more photos but the batteries were dying because we haven't gotten re-used to using our camera ever since it was declared dead but then I had to go and save it (see here if you haven't already).

We caught a little bad luck when in the morning it started poring rain as we were eating breakfast and we ended up packing our stuff up in the rain in a hurry. When we got home we spent an hour rinsing everything off with a hose and hanging it out to dry.
All in all a good trip.