Friday, August 24, 2007

A Few Good Weeks

So first came the Harley and then came the GMAT score. Jeremy and I were very happy to hear that Jeremy did great on the GMAT - better than we had even expected. Rachel's mom (Suki) concluded Jeremy did so well because he had Harley juices running though his veins (whatever Harley juices are we like 'em). We have decided to pull Jeremy from the way-too-expensive GMAT course and use the money elsewhere (Rachel's fall wardrobe perhaps?). Now we move to the 2nd phase of grueling grad school work: the essays. Our top grad school picks are Boston University and Bentley. The programs are a little bit more competitive because of the dual degree component & smaller. Wish Jer luck. We love to have your support along the way.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Can anyone say HOG?!!

When we were sitting around the other day, we were trying to think of the most irresponsible thing we could do with our money. We had a few ideas, but the one that won out was to buy a new motorcycle.

I have been wanting a new, better bike since before I bought my current bike. It is now the end of the riding season here in New England and it is a buyer's market. I found an incredible deal on a really sweet bike.

The story goes as follows:
- I saw this ad on Craigslist two weeks after it was listed. Usually bikes go so quick on CL that I was sure it was gone.
- I emailed the poster, saying something like "I doubt you still have this but if you do I would gladly give you x dollars for it."
- It turned out she hadn't sold it (yes, I bought a "chick's" bike) and she tells me to call her in two days.
- I call her and don't hear back for a week, so I assume she sold it to someone else.
- I get a call and she says there were interested people but no one came to look.
- I call her back and get her answering machine again!!!
- She didn't call back, so I called her and settled on a price in case I liked it when I saw it.
- The next day, we drove out to Leominster, MA (far away) and ended up buying the bike.
- I got home around 9:30 and Rachel and I went for a little cruise.

This bike is so much better than my Kawasaki, which I will be selling ASAP (Wish me luck). Partly because IT'S A HARLEY!!!! We are now Harley owners. Isn't that awesome?!!
It is a 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 XL with 2100 miles on it. It's a Harley so it sounds awesome even with the stock pipes on it. I hope to get a sissy bar for it relatively soon so that Rachel can be more comfortable on the back. I got the bike at a steal of a price, that I couldn't pass up. It is almost my dream bike it is so nice. So comfortable and so cool. The seating position is like a standard but the look is all cruiser. It's got standard comfort and cruiser style. It's great. Here are some photos:

Hopefully it doesn't rain next weekend so that we can take it to Martha's Vineyard!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Camping in NH again....

Live Free or Die..... again.

Well, last time we didn't die, so I guessed we just lived free for a few days. This time we brought our good friend Amy along with us to enjoy the freedom and hopefully avoid the deathly peril. In true Blanchard family fashion we didn't get to our campsite until 11:00 pm. We promptly set up tent and went to bed. We were pleasantly surprised by the sheer size of our site and that it was all grass and not sand. We were slightly unpleasantly surprised by the two adjacent sites that were up very late being very loud. One was a college party and the other a family reunion of some kind.

On Saturday, after figuring out what to do, we went for a little hike up to some cascades. I wanted to take a dip and Rachel caught me with the camera while I was changing. (There is a little bit more to that story but that is on a need to know basis.)

We then went back to the campsite and showered and made some foil (hobo) dinners. We brought along some veggie burgers for Amy. They turned out to be good but not quite as good as the last time.

The s'mores were, again, wonderful and we had our chocolate warming process down.

On Sunday we came home and went to the pool.