Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New York Trip

We are well behind in our blog updates but better late than never, right? We went to New York City with A-Rob in order to take in the movie "Charlie" by filmmaker Salvatore Interlandi.

I went to college with Sal, and know he is capable of great things. I could not miss the opportunity to see his full length feature film be screened. As expected "Charlie" was amazing.


"Charlie" got some killer reviews from New York's newspapers

While we were in New York we cruised the imfamous "Shoe Row" and each of us got a pair of new shoes and I dragged the kids to my old haunts for lunch and dinner. Yaffa Cafe (carrot salad dressing deliciousness) and San Loco (tacos to go-go).

Sunday we went to the Bronx Zoo. One of my favorite places. I had been itching to go for months...Here are some pics.

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