Sunday, October 14, 2007

When Can We Put on the Heat?

Seriously, when can we put on the heat? Does it make me a wimp that I want to put it on now? Is there are rule about the date, or temp when it is ok to put the heat on...or is is just till you break down, can't take the cold any longer and go for that switch? My general rule of thumb is if michelle can do it (my cousin who lives downstairs) we can do it. Any ideas on how you make the decision for that first flip of the switch?


HaH said...

LOL...I JUST had this same conversation last night with the guys upstairs. They wanted to know how to turn on the heat (uh...) and I said that I don't care if I have to wear 4 pair of socks, I refuse to turn on my heat until Nov 1st. I just can't admit to it turning cold!

I held out until I got home. But I was just testing the heating system to make sure it would work. ;)

NoSurfGirl said...

Um... I turn it on when my little toes start going numb. And if there's even the tiniest bit of shiverage. My opinion: no woman should have to wear a sweater within the confines of her own home. :)