Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bring on the Heat

This week we finally broke down and turned on the heat. It didn't take long for the cold to break our souls.
Every year we seem to have ambitions of holding out until Thanksgiving, but let's be serious people, when you get home from work do you really want it to be 62 degrees in your house and have it stay that temperature? The goal of Thanksgiving didn't last very long, so I had set a goal to make it to Nov. 1st. That lasted a little bit longer but we finally broke down on the 30th of October.
I haven't done any research to see if heat is more expensive here than in other places, but here in the Boston area it is crazy insane expensive. For that reason our house is on a timed thermostat. 62 from 11 PM to 4 PM (the next day) and 67 from 4 till 11.
When we eventually have a baby, the extra heat needed from staying home with the baby, will need to be factored in to our expenses along with such things as day care and diapers.
Here's to heat and to only wearing two layers of clothes, rather than four, in one's own home.


NoSurfGirl said...

I think that our gas bill goes up about 70 bucks in the winter... we keep it at 67 all day, then turn it off at about 8pm. Back on at about 8 am. We heat the upstairs with electricity, the electric bill goes up about 50 bucks in the winter.

So how's that for research? :)

I know that my mom spends a FORTUNE on her heating bill in the winter.

Sixty two is way, way too cold. You made the right choice.

Mom (Sharon) said...

We also have a timed thermostat. Nights and when we are away at work it's set at 62. But when we are home it's set at 70. Greg pays the bill, so I don't know what it costs. But he so hates being too cold that he doesn't care what it costs. He wants to be comfortable. Life is too short to choose misery. We do add clothing layers, but we relish the comfort the furnace gives us.
As far as budgeting for extra heat in the costs of having a baby, don't let the budget be the deciding factor for having a family. If people waited until they could comfortably afford children, no one would ever be born. Be sensible, of course, but not overly obsessive. I have a feeling that you will know when you are ready.
Love, Mom

Josh and Jennifer said...

We always have a wood stove - way cheaper! We go get wood every couple of years, quite a big undertaking too. But our kind of fun!
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