Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cubby Update #3 plus

Our cousin Buddy came by, a master electrician, and re-ran the wires. Since he is done for now, it was my turn to move in with the insulation. Today Rachel and I went to the Home Depot and bought insulation and plastic sheeting. I first put up the plastic sheeting in order to create an air space between the insulation and the roof. I then put up the insulation. This is the very short version of the story because I am tired from doing all that work. Next will be the strapping and then the sheet rock.

Also, the plus part of this entry is to show you the difference in Rachel's lunch and my lunch. I thought it was funny that our lunches were so different.

My Lunch

Rachel's Lunch


Erin Fast said...

is there something in that pan of water?
The cubby is looking good!

Jeremy and Rachel said...

macaroni and cheese! :)

NoSurfGirl said...

hah! I love both lunches. There is a time and a purpose under heaven for macaroni and for veggies.