Friday, February 22, 2008

Long awaited news.

To be honest we haven't blogged lately because we have had big news that we have wanted to tell everyone but weren't ready to go public yet. So even though there were other little things to blog about (like me having the flu, ugly snakefish, or being snowed in.... again, which means I can't work on the attic because the sheet rock is outside in the garage.) they weren't worth reporting when we had such a whopper waiting in the wings. That being said here comes the news....

Rachel is PREGNANT!!!!

We have known for a long time of course but now the customary waiting period is over. We have told at least most of those closer to us whom we wanted to tell in person. Now we are blabbing about it to everyone at work, church and the world. Rachel is pregnant and that is awesome. Here a picture of the little tyke.

Starting a few weeks into the pregnancy and continuing still, Rachel has been quite ill and it doesn't limit itself to the morning either. Rachel is starting to get rather annoyed with being sick and I think it also makes her tired. We got the following card from a good friend of ours and so far it sums it up fairly well.
We do not know the gender of our baby yet, so we call it junior. We are suspecting a boy because the men in my family seem to shoot a lot more Y's than X's. (parents reading this with children can insert biology lesson here) We have been thinking about names and are fairly settled on one for each of the boy/girl options. These are not up for public release as of yet. We will have the gender revealing ultrasound on March 17 and the due date is in mid August. The specific date fluctuates so it is not important to know the most current prediction.
Before we were pregnant we wanted a girl, now we are so used to thinking of it as a boy that we might be microscopically disappointed if it isn't. Either way I hope it gets Rachel's skin, digestive system, lack of allergies, and wonderful energy and exuberance. I am not sure which of my traits I want to bestow on my little one. Maybe my superior driving skills since it will be growing up in Boston.
For those of you who do not understand the significance of this please see below:
Imagine one hundred cars on the following depiction of western city style streets. Ahhh, so nice and wide, straight and perpendicular.
Now imagine one thousand cars on the following depiction of Boston streets and be sure to throw in drunk pedestrians, cars parked on either side and angry cab drivers screaming in 7 different languages.
But I digress. Rachel is pregnant.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Weather Update

This is at 9:30 in the morning after the sun has been shining for two hours. The wind freezes my leg hairs to the point of shattering (I exaggerate), but it's wicked cold when the wind blows.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Apres-Ski post

We had a great time in Vermont. It was too cold and we were too busy skiing to take any pictures of us skiing. The drive up was awful on account of the freezing rain.
Saturday was crowded, icy, and windy, but we still had fun.
Sunday was much better, with a lot less people and a lot more fresh snow. Also Rachel noticed that I wasn't using my polls and taught me how which made my skiing experience much better. My knees no longer hurt, I could go down the intermediates with confidence and so on.
Sunday we got home in time for the half time show of the Superbowl.
I then took off for Aspen on Monday morning for an all work no play business trip. Aspen is beautiful and expensive. I mean to say it costs a lot to live there. Like millions of dollars.
A view from my room:

Downtown Aspen:

The cost of one night in my room if I didn't have the special hospital discount:

Friday, February 01, 2008

Pre-Ski Post

Today, after work, we are making the 3+ hour drive up to Stowe, VT. We are staying at the Green Mountain Inn and we are going skiing on Saturday and Sunday. Now most likely Rachel is going to school me because I haven't skied in years and she was formerly on the ski team. Perhaps thankfully for me, Rachel is sore from doing too many lunges at the gym. .....insert maniacal laugh here..... Here are some photos of where we are going and what we will be doing.
Bye bye for the weekend.

Listen for the sound of us shushing through the mountains.