Friday, March 21, 2008

Diagnostic Ultrasound (updated)

On Monday we both went so that Rachel could have a diagnostic ultrasound. The place was nice, it was in the Longwood area. The waiting room was sort of like an airport. While waiting for almost an hour this is what Rachel did:this is what I did:
and this is what the baby did:
We know the gender but we aren't allowed to tell until next Saturday. Those of you who don't know will just have to guess and wait. "IT" is healthy and has all "its" 2000 parts.
Also, the waiting room is full of pregnant women and couples (mostly younger) and there is this wall of magazines. The wall is twice as big as I capture in this shot, but let's see if you can spot the one that doesn't belong. Start singing, "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong..."
10 points to all those who get it right.

UPDATE: This magazine wall was left in its natural state. I did not manipulate any of the magazines you see here. This is how the wall was when we walked in.


Erin Fast said...

Popular Mechanics. What do I win?

Jeremy said...

10 points like I said. Keep track of your points, because when you reach 100 you get a special prize.

Fern said...

I like that the Pop. Mechanics is tilted... kind of gives it away. But I'm surprised there wasn't a scuffle between husbands over who gets to read the lone Popular Mechanics magazine!