Friday, April 11, 2008

Hog Season is Fast Approaching

I took the bike to work everyday since last Thursday. The temperatures were generally around 35 degrees in the morning and 42 in the evening. I didn't see any other bikers on the road, surprised?, and I haven't really seen any other bikers on the road on any of my rides in March or April.

Yesterday, we had a wonderfully nice day where the temperature soared up to 70 degrees. It was really a perfect day for riding. Wouldn't you know it that on my ride home from work I see many, many other bikers on their bikes.

It is customary to wave when passing a fellow biker on the road, a fun little tradition, but I couldn't help grumbling "fare weather fan" from inside my helmet with each passing wave. I have no right to, but inside I feel that I have somehow earned the privilege to take my bike out on the first "nice" day of the season. All those other bikers should have to wait until the second nice day if they haven't already taken their bike out earlier in the season.

Since the state government will never pass that into law, I will say "Ride On" to all my fellow motorcycle brothers and sisters.

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nice piggy