Saturday, May 24, 2008

General Update

- The cubby is now ready to be carpeted and the carpeteers are coming on Monday morning to measure out the room and stairs.
- We had a stacked washer/dryer delivered last week and it was the wrong one. Today they came back and did the swap and I spent several hours installing it. Several hours because I needed to go to 3 different hardware stores twice in order to get the fittings for the gas line to the dryer. At least I did all of this driving around on the bike. It's all hooked up now and I am doing the first load of laundry as I type.

- We inherited some more baby clothes from our friends the Weinstiens. Thank you very much.
- I have been playing around with the flash on our point and shoot camera.

2 layers of scotch tape:

- I have received the first part of my new used toy. An old but hopefully still great Digital SLR camera body. I used to take a lot of photos on my step dad's all manual SLR Pentax film camera, which I thought about stealing from him over this past Christmas, but I didn't. This camera should take great pictures of our new baby, among other things. The lens should be coming soon. Thanks eBay.

- Even though my Harley babe wife is in the seventh month of pregnancy, she's still got it.

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