Friday, May 02, 2008

How to control other drivers.

Here is a marvelous way to control other drivers around you.
Rachel and I used to get annoyed at this human phenomenon, but have since embraced it and now use it to control others around us.
Have you ever been driving along on the highway and there is a driver on your side and back a bit, usually in your blind spot. You want to get over so you put on your directional. Have you noticed what happens next? Does the car slow down? not usually. 98+% of the time that driver, especially if male, will speed up and pass you. Like I said we used to get annoyed with this, but now I use it to get idiotic, unaware drivers out of my blind spot. It also helps me prepare better for getting off the highway. This tactic seems to work even better on the motorcycle.
I haven't been able to put it into words yet, but drivers get comfortable with driving the exact same speed as the person in front or to the side of them and they create this invisible link. At this point their vision glazes over slightly and they zone out a bit. A flashing directional will eventually wake them from this stupor.
I hate it when drivers drive in my blind spot, especially when I am on the bike (smaller rear view mirrors and much higher fatality rate).
Tip: Do not drive in another's blind spot. It is dangerous. They cannot see you. To quote a big rig's rear end, "If you can't see me, I can't see you."
To fix this problem, I put on my directional and wait for them to pass me then I turn off my directional and keep driving. Problem solved.

I have empowered you, use this power wisely and you will be amazed the control you have in these situations.

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