Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Second Craving


I thought I was going to lose my mind if I did not have any meat. Know this. I really don't eat meat. Yesterday it was my new bff.
Sorry little buddy, you sure are cute, but I had to munch you up.


NoSurfGirl said...

me too...

I'm supposed to be vegetarian, but I sure am not while I am PG! And not entirely when nursing, either. :(

SLP said...

My favorite is the new drawing of you with a baby on the Harley - Niiicce!

Cherisa said...

So I think I found your site through Meredith & Cody's... But I can't help but comment on your love of beef at the moment.

From about the 20th week of my pregnancy I couldn't stand chicken (usually a staple in our house) and needed beef almost every day. Any form would do- steak, hamburger, roast beef- as long as it came from a cow, I was happy. I was afraid my obsession would continue past the pregnancy but eventually it returned to normal. I don't have a problem eating red meat but steak every week got to be expensive!

I also found myself wanting things from my past. If I could have made my way back to Pullman, Washington, Cougar Country Cafe would have been sold out in minutes!

Enjoy these times!

The Harwards said...

Way to boost that low iron!