Monday, June 16, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

That's right. I am leaving on one of these,

to go see my family including my new nephew, Nicholas. I will be flying alone partly because it's so expensive and partly because Rachel is almost 8 months pregnant.

I am very excited to be out in spread out and laid back California even if it is in the LA area. I probably won't do much more than play with Owen (first nephew), help out with Nicholas, hang out with my family (brother, sister-in-law, parents), and eat.

I may not be in a position to post an official post but I will still be twittering. Rachel will be working and trying to stay cool I imagine.

I hate airports and commercial flights but I love to travel. Which basically means I look forward to being somewhere rather than in the process of getting there via public transportation that involves the TSA.

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