Saturday, July 05, 2008

Firefox Add-on: Fast Dial

Today I would like to take a short break from posting about baby stuff (pink, pink, pink...) and post about a Firefox add-on that I started using a few weeks ago and have grown to like.
fast Dial is like having a picture version of your favorite bookmarks. You can have the thumbnails refresh every so often to show an updated mini version of the linked page, but I found this to be way too slow to load 12 pages at once. You can also choose to have custom images display which is what I did. Mac has a great feature, shift+command+4 allows you to select a portion of the screen to create a screen shot jpg. shift+command+3 takes a screen shot of the entire desktop. I used these functions to make the icons that I use on fast dial. I also added the fast dial icon where my Home icon used to be.

Clicking on one of the icons opens that link in a new tab, if you are not using tabbed browsing by now, you do not know what you are missing, it has the same effect as Tivo does on TV watching. As you can see I still have my bookmarks toolbar at the top of the screen but I have been using this less and less and it may soon disappear to create more vertical real estate.

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