Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone plus General Chow's spicy update

As most of you know already, the new iPhone 3g came over the weekend. Like many fools (my brother to name one) I waited in line early on Friday morning with the hopes of getting my hands on a new iPhone for which I had waited over a year and saved up two birthday presents and one Christmas present. When I got there at seven in the morning the AT&T employees did a tally and I was a shoe in for a new iPhone and a blackberry pearl for Rachel. Two hours later I was five people away from the door when we were all informed that they had sold out of iPhones. I left fuming. I was in a bad mood for about four hours there after.
To make a long story short, the next day I went to the Apple store in the afternoon, purchased an iPhone on an individual plan, and then proceeded to the AT&T store to add a line and purchase Rachel's crackberry. It worked like a charm and I even got a AAA discount. I have been neglecting my wife ever since and have been making great use of my phone. It's the best PDA ever made in my opinion.

The spicy update is that Rachel is now 35 weeks and is starting to get uncomfortable. She still looks great and as beautiful as ever.

Submitted from my iPhone. Now that I have done it I don't have to post from my phone again.


Rachel said...

It is true, I am an IPhone Widow

SLP said...

you aren't the only wife who is being cheated on...