Saturday, July 26, 2008


This week the nursery was ready to be cleaned and to have stuff moved in. So that's what we did. On Thursday I put together the dresser/changing table. It took about 3 hours... 3 hot, muggy, headband wearing hours.

The directions were horrible so it's good that I am relatively handy and could piece things together. Here is Toodee on the changing table.

Last night I put together the crib. This only took me about an hour and the instructions were marginally better than those for the dresser.

Here is beautiful Rachel trying out the sling we ordered from thanks to SLP's recommendation.

Here is a belly photo from 36.5 weeks.

That's right we are almost 37 weeks. 37 is to term and means she could blow at any moment. We still need to put together our hospital bag. I will also be doing a dry fit of the car seat very soon. We are really getting excited and the nursery helps us feel that excitement.

On an unrelated note, the Remote app for the iphone is really cool. It isn't something that you can't live without but it is cool.


Anonymous said...

Hospital bag checklist - hope this helps!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Ano Nymous. That should be a great reference.

SLP said...

LOVE the sling...and so will Baby Princess!