Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shoei RF-1000

Last night I received my new motorcycle helmet (thanks Greg). It looks cool:

But it wasn't until I rode with it for the first time, this morning, that I realized how special this helmet is. I pulled out onto our street and I felt this odd yet wonderful sensation on the top of my head.......wind. This helmet has amazing ventilation, so much so that I can feel the wind coming in through the front and flowing over the top of my head and out the rear vents. Here is a picture of the air channels on the top of the inside of the helmet:
A funny story... This morning I wanted to try the helmet out at highway speeds. said that the second half of the drive was backed up but the first half was clear. Against my normal traffic M.O. I took the highway and found that the helmet worked great under 10 mph. I never got above that during the 20 minutes between two exits that are only 1 mile apart. I then got off the highway and took back roads like I should have done in the first place. The vents work magic.
For a more in depth review you can visit webbikeworld, which if you have been reading this blog you would know that this is one of my most frequented sites.
Another cool feature is the visor lift/lock. This little lever lifts the visor just barely to let more air in onto the face or when turned the other direction locks the visor in place so that it doesn't fly open when cruising at 130 mph (don't worry mom, my bike doesn't even go that fast).
I have found that having the visor open using this lever brings more air in than having the visor in the first open position.
Another handy feature that Shoei (among other higher end helmet brands) is known for is a strap retention snap:
It works great.
This isn't a cheap helmet and it was immediately apparent once I was on the hog. If you are in the market for a new full face helmet you should give this a try. If the shape fits your head, buy it. It is a great helmet. I never realized how much better a good helmet is compared to a mediocre helmet. It was mind blowing (pun only slightly intended). The webbikeworld guy stated that with other brands he sees minor to major blemishes on the helmets he reviews, but with Shoei the workmanship is impeccable.
Lastly, if you are in the market for motorcycle apparel, check out Cycle Depot. They offered this helmet $100 cheaper than the local store and $50 cheaper than online.

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Linda said...

Looks amazing. It makes me want one, even though I don't have a motorcycle.