Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Elliott @ 4 Days

Here is a video that may be a little long for some but it was very very cute because our baby is the cutest and I am not just saying that because she is ours. The cutest part to me is when she yawns a big yawn about 1:28 in.

Elliott has many people who love her and take care of her. The voices in the video are Carl (Papa), Susan (Suki), Rachel, and me, oh and Elliott too, though she hasn't mastered the words thing yet.

I tried to get google videos to host this video but I couldn't and since I have very little time and very little extra energy for this I hosted it.

I have since moved the video to Vimeo:

Elliott @ 4 days old from Jeremy Blanchard on Vimeo.


Shannon said...

Congratulations Jeremy and Rachel. She is beautiful. Hope I can meet her before too long.

Erin Fast said...

finally! You guys are killing me. I've been dying to see her. She is adorable. What a perfect little face and how fun that she has dark hair. Please post pictures often so I can pretend like I'm there. :)
Love ya

Rachel said...

thanks for posting hon, we were long "overdue"!

turleybenson said...

oh. My. GOSH! She is BEAUTIFUL! She is a little Rachel!!. She looks so big, and I can't believe how much she rolls over (my baby can't do that, by the way). And I just love the idea of her surrounded by all those people just adoring and watching. I wish my family could come coo over little Jonah! THANK YOU FOR FINALLY POSTING.

rhonda said...

so cute! congratulations! when can I come see her? :)!

cheriemartin said...

I ran into you through a random series of blogs. It has been a long time. And wow! Your very own little girl. My baby girl started first grade today.

Congratulations on becoming a Dad! It is fun to see you have a little family of your own. Nothing is better and I love those new baby sounds...I haven't heard any in my house for a few years.

Delise said...

She's just gorgeous! She is a rolling over girl. You're in trouble if she's on the move already!! :)


SLP said...

Woo hoo!!!

The Harwards said...

Good work you two, you've made such a gorgeous baby. Although Rachel did all the WORK! Congratulations. What a blessing. She is awesome!