Sunday, September 07, 2008

Family is in the House

This post was going to be titled, "quick, while she's asleep" but then she woke up.

This week was a busy week. We got home from the hospital on Monday afternoon. My brother and his family had arrived the day before and I started classes the next day. No more orientation. My mother then arrived on Wednesday. It has been go go go here at the Blanchard house. Here are some photos of the week.
Here are the Blanchard grand kids together. Nicholas is sporting the iPood onesie and Owen is in the blue.

My brother Mike with his kids.
Aren't they precious.
Enjoying every minute of fatherhood.

Elliott's first week birthday and she is doing so well.

Grandma Sharon (my mom).

Mother and daughter.
Owen with his new friend.
Grandma Sharon with the grand kids.

Dear Family,
It was great to see you and we will definitely miss you but we will also enjoy some quieter times with just the three of us. We love you and safe travels.

- Us.


LaDonna and Ben said...

Huge Congratulations to the Blanchards!
That's one arrow for the quiver. A beautiful little one, and long awaited it appears.
Cheers from the Counihans.


Maryblog said...

Yay! She is here! I am so excited for you two! I love the pictures. She is so cute! I especially love the 1 week birthday cake picture! So cute!

blanchard said...

love all the photos. we had a great time, and completely understand you relishing the relative calm of having us out of there. we love you guys!