Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amy's Photo Shoot

Hey All. More pics for you! Our friend Amy took some pics of Elli and of course we wanted to share the cuteness.

In other news, we drove out to Concord, MA to take in the foliage. It was a big outing with baby. Today Aunt Louise and Cousin Michelle watched baby and we took the Hog for a ride out to Jerusalem Road in Cohasset, MA a fancy pants community on the water.

On with the pictures!


SLP said...

I love what a super Dad Jer is - that's awesome.
You are looking fabulously hot Momma.

gvsharon said...

Wonderful set of photos. Nice job Amy! What a beautiful family. Jeremy kissing Elliott is now the background on my computer. Love it!
Grandma Sharon

HaH said...

Elli is so freakin' cute I almost can't stand it!!

And I think I'm going to put the photo of her crying as my wall paper at work. That's what I feel like doing sometimes. :)

Cherisa said...

These are adorable! What a great friend you have (who must have a fabulous camera)!

Glad you're getting out for some alone time. As much as it's fun to love the new member of the family, couple time only becomes more important!

BTW, you're looking great, Rachel!

Erin Fast said...

Thank you Amy! Those are great photos!

SandyKay said...

Gorgeous photos! And that baby is not bad looking, either. Okay, she's downright adorable.