Friday, October 03, 2008

friday's photo shoot

as you can imagine we are having tons of fun with elliott louise. we get a kick out of her hobbies some of which include eating her hands, being a spy, taking walks, sleeping, and peeing on the changing table (again!). things have been quite busy. the fun news is elli has only woken up 1x a night 2 nights in a row! granted that means mom is still only getting 3-4 hrs of consecutive sleep - but i will take it! i think we may be able to attribute the sleep to the new tubby routine...if that is it we are keeping it.

here are some pics from today's photo shoot. the last pic is our friend lucas who came into town for work and stopped by to hang and meet the baby. he is ready for kids, you can tell.

p.s. my typing ain't that bad for one hand right?

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gvsharon said...

I just love the photos. She is so precious. Somebody made her a very special pillow. In the photo of Lucas holding Elliott, they both have a kind of a "what do I do now?" look in their eyes. Very cute.
Grandma Sharon