Friday, December 19, 2008

Elliott's Roar

Elliott has been making some new sounds the past few days. I think it was yesterday that she started play roaring. She was doing it for at least 20 minutes straight tonight while Rachel and I were eating dinner. Here are some excerpts. Enjoy. Babies make for good entertainment when you are snowed in.

Elliott's Roar from Jeremy Blanchard on Vimeo.


Kevin Ashworth said...

Okay, where's the roar? I heard and saw a cute baby, but "roar" is not the right word!

P.S. Vimeo. Nice.

SandyKay said...

What a cute little lion.

Making babies also makes for good entertainment when you are snowed in.

gvsharon said...

I agree that there's nothing quite so fascinating as watching your own little baby do her thing. And every day there's something new.

blanchard said...

A familiar sound. She's super cute. Thanks for sharing. :)