Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Class at Isis

For the past 5 weeks Elliott and I have attended a class at Isis Maternity in Needham, MA.

The class is called: Next Step Baby Group

"Moving past the newborn stage? Next Step is a great way to meet new friends, share information and support, and have a whole lot of fun! Each meeting begins with a circle time of music, movement, and play activities that young babies love, specifically designed to foster physical, cognitive and language development. Planned discussions over the six weeks include topics of interest to moms with growing babies: sleep patterns and napping, breastfeeding , bottle feeding and nutrition, introducing solid foods and sippy cups, baby-proofing and safety concerns, making work and child care choices, and stress and time management. Enjoy the camaraderie of other moms and babies as you watch your baby start warming up to the world! For moms with babies 3 – 5 months old at start of group (or Great Beginnings grads at 2.5+ months)."

The class has been great for both me and Elliott. All the children are the same age. We both get out of the house for a change of pace and it is way better than wandering the mall. I have been able to bone up on some new songs and old songs I have forgotten the words to. Every class there is a check in "Hello Song", Story Time, Learn a few new songs (today was "baby shark", "speckled frogs" and something else I don't remember), Parachute Play and then a relevant topic, today is was starting solids (something which we are waiting to do until baby Elliott returns from St. Maarten in March). What was VERY fun about today was Elliott LOVED the story. She laughed, smiled and kicked though out the whole story. It was called "Jamberry". That's my literature loving baby girl!

The first two weeks Elliott cried when we put her under the colorful parachute with the other babies (moms hold handles, babies under) . Too loud, too stimulating, I am not sure. The next 2 weeks we skipped it. Elliott enjoyed the parachute from the sidelines. This week I went under the parachute with her - TA DA! It was a hit. I look forward to next week (the last week) when I will get right under there with her again!

After the group the moms often go out to lunch together. We talk the shop that I bore most other people with, so it is great. I am looking forward to the next class staring in March/April called "Social Butterflies".

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Meredith said...

Go mommy. We need to get together. I've been doing a little of the same, branching out with baby type stuff this winter and I swear it does more for me than her, but we all win in the end! What a good mother you are.