Friday, February 06, 2009

Family Blog vs. Personal Blahg

I am happy to say that our Rough and Ready blog has turned into a family blog and recently it has been all about Elliott. I think this is a great use of the blog. I, however, now think it is out of place for me to post about music and technology critiques and therefore have updated my website to have two sections, a music section which is the same as before, and a new blahg section.

It is not my intention to cannibalize Rough and Ready's readership and due to the difference of subject matter I doubt I will. My blahg, as I am calling it, will be commentaries on Technology, Music, Business, and Motorcycles. These things are the things that interest me most outside of my family.

Please head on over to the link above if you wish and if you dig what I write you can submit it to using the provided link.

Thanks and happy reading this snowy winter.

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