Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Family Day

Yesterday, we had a family day because Rachel and Elliott are leaving for a week and leaving me alone with my midterms. They are on a plain right now headed to St. Maarten. I dropped them off at the airport at 4:00am and got home and couldn't sleep. What can I say, I am a morning person whether I like it or not. I am excited for Elliott to experience warm weather and sand, though I am sad that I won't be there in person.

Anyway, we had a family day to spend some time together before some time apart. We decided to have a tech free afternoon (no computer, no iphone) and it turned out to be a blessing. It's nice to just be present sometimes.
We made cookies and just spent time together. It was really nice.
Elliott got a little stir crazy because babies get bored too. So we went for a nice family walk before dinner.

6 month walk from Jeremy Blanchard on Vimeo.

Happy 6 month birthday today Elliott. I will miss you two this week while you are gone. Wish me luck on my midterms.

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