Thursday, February 05, 2009


Elliott has seriously been crabby patties (Spongebob anyone?). Today was a crank fest. Which, if you know Miss Elliott is not her style at all. At first I thought she was tired...bad napping yesterday, thrown off sleep routine yesterday...But today, after 2, 2 hour naps she was still a crank monster. We gave her a smidge of Tylenol and the edge has been taken off. It seems like teething right??

One thing we also need to consider is Miss E has some diaper rash..but does it create that much discomfort?

After we drugged her. Elliott was in a better mood. Not great but better. She felt good enough to find her feet and play with them for a while.


Cherisa said...

It's certainly possible Miss Elliott is suffering from some sort of mouth pain. They say that as the teeth "float" down the pressure can be uncomfortable. But you could possibly see some little teeth budding soon... She's almost 6 months, right? Not too early at all.

gvsharon said...

I was thinking that she was probably teething by the way she was chomping down on that butterfly toy. Since the Tylenol helped, that's probably what's going on. Hang in there.
Grandma Sharon

Meredith said...

My mom blames everything on teething, it gets redundant, but it's always true! It's the default fussy factor. We still get it now. Hang in there, tylenol and those chilled teething rings make a difference.