Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Elliott

Miss Elliott Louise - you are 8 months old today. Right now you are taking a delicious nap, your second one of the day. It makes me very happy when you get the sleep you need and you wake up smiling! We just need to work on the night time schedule. 10:00-11:00pm bedtimes are too late young lady! Lately you have been doing some pretty cool things. You have started to crawl-backwards! You are quite proficient at it too. You are now "getting" peek a boo and you understand that your little plastic elephant is under the pumpkin stuffed animal and you actually move the stuffed pumpkin to get to it! You love to see your self in the mirror. Who could really blame you! You continue to enjoy music - all I have is Raffi songs in my head thanks to you! You are still iffy on the whole food thing. But we try. Today you had zucchini and butternut squash - butternut squash is your current favorite, if we were to say you had a favorite. Today you actually squirmed and cried to get out of my arms to be held by Auntie Lousie. I will forgive you for that, she is pretty fun! Happy Birthday Ellie Lou! We love you!


Cherisa said...

Wow! Eight months already? Time sure flies!

Meredith said...

Love this.

SLP said...

Happy Birthday E!
15 years and 4 more months until our first date!