Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tubs & Toe Sucking

So we attempted to put Ellie in the "big girl" tub last night. She is outgrowing her sink-tub and is now pretty skilled at turning the water on and off. Worried about her skills turning the water too hot we decided to make the move.

So, how did Elliott feel about the big girl tub?

The child hated it.

She was crying so much I (rachel) jumped in the tub with her to try and offer some comfort. No dice. Baby wanted OUT!

So, today I put Elliott in the tub without water on a towel, got in and we played together for 15 min or so. Hopefully our dry tub play over the next few days will warm her up again for a try next week.

Jeremy and I have caught Elliott being a "toe sucker". We have tried and tried to catch her in the act for the camera - finally we have proof!

(even though we took her foot and waved it in her face to happen when the camera was there)

Hating on the carrots.

Blowing raspberries.


badassdad05 said...

In this her cousin Nicholas and she are quite different. All N wants to do is play in the tub. Water of any kind, really. The dog's water bowl is among his favorite playmates. I think Sherman may be dehydrating because we can't allow him free reign of his water or fear the baby will go for an ill-fated swim. Also, loves carrots. And pretty much every other food he's ever eaten. On the flip side, not so much with the sleeping lately. Thanks for the update!

NoSurfGirl said...

Dang. I'm jealous... I have always wanted a toe sucker. None of my kids are orally fixated enough... no toes, fingers, or even pacifiers. I'll just have to admire your pictures and hope for next time.