Friday, May 29, 2009

9 Months Yesterday

Elliott you were 9 months old yesterday and I have already forgotten your birthday. Happy belated darlinka! I am updating the blog as you sleep. Since, that is pretty much the only time you have allotted me to do anything other than play with you. So I play with you or I blog about you while you sleep. Either way it is all about you baby!

This has been quite a productive month! Your Grandma Sharon came out for a visit. We were VERY excited that you waited to share a very important milestone with her - you learned how to crawl. We joked that Grandma Sharon taught you how to crawl and then left on a plane leaving us with a handful of trouble...and she did. You are now crawling from room to room, pulling at my legs at the kitchen sink and the bath room sink. You are getting into the garbage can...which has now been cleaned out and turned into another toy. We are getting a crash course on baby proofing. This week you also pulled up in the crib. I walked out of the room for a moment, came back and there you were with your little happy scream standing up. You have recently added black beans, wheat bread, hummus, egg yolk, yogurt to your plate. Nice work. You are still napping 2 x a day. I like it when you get the rest you need...

I also have had a milestone. I am now actually "kindof" comfortable leaving you for longer than an hour. Saturday night I am going out with with Amy and girls for a night on the town and I am looking forward to it...last month the thought of leaving you for extended periods filled me with dread. Now I know we are both going to be just fine (well, lets face it at around 5 months you were always going to be just fine, me on the other hand, I was not ready to leave you). So, we are BOTH growing up little lady! I know you are going to have a good time with daddy, and no, I won't stay out tooo late!

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