Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacation Before the Grind.

A few weeks ago now, Jeremy was offered an internship. It was great news since we had endured months of searching that was really wearing us out. The internship is virtually a perfect fit and Jer can leverage both his Business and Technology education. A draw back is that the commute is an hour both ways. Elliott and I both miss Jer a lot. We are used to having him around during the day from time to time, class ending early etc. so this whole job thing is going to take some getting used to. What is really great was that he had two weeks before his start date which meant stress free summer play for the family. We did a pretty good job staying busy. Jer and I took a motorcycle ride, went into the North End for pizza, BBQed, chowed down at the best salad bar in town, celebrated fathers day and had a nice relaxing time as a family.

As I munch on Elliott's Cherrios I am thinking about what she has been up to lately. She has been eating...which is awesome on multiple levels. It is great because eating = longer stretches of sleep. Good for mama. Also, it just feels great to see your baby eat good food. Today she ate salmon. Miss thing is becoming a bit of a foodie. She eats sweet potato, b-nut squash and zucchini roasted with olive oil, pepper and a bit a salt. She eats avocado - and likes it rolled in cheerio dust (easier to pick up that way). Tri colored pasta, riagatoi, refried beans, chicken, black beans (but not too spicy please) (oh yes, if some foods make you go mmmm we are upping her calories hence the olive oil and refried beans). This week she has started to insist on feeding herself, allowing me to help if she misses. Elliott has also started to dance. Put on some music and she will bounce up and down. I have heard some more distinct "mamamamamamama" along with some "gagagagagaga". And I am helping her learn all the names that she should know. "mama, dada, grandmasharon" :) Elliot is FAST and is starting to get into EVERYTHING. Did you know that we had a mini wrench under the radiator? Elliott did. Elliott crawls over to daddy's guitar and bangs and strums. She likes to pull on the carbon monoxide detector and make me nervous. She is enjoying shaking her maraca, getting into drawers and making a mess in general. I like seeing her taking things out of boxes. Socks and blocks - she reaches in and tosses them out (maybe stops off for a chew or two). Elliott has got her top teeth coming in - in in - and she has favored me with a bite on the arm and neck, vampire style. Finally, Elliott LOVES other children. She is a people person. We have play dates, the playmate will play with the toys Elliott plays with the playmate, and by play I mean pull, tug, suck and climb - very playful and so very cute. Which reminds me of this .

Once I figure out our camera doo-dad I will upload some pictures for you. Nighty night.

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Jeremy said...

I miss you too.