Monday, July 27, 2009

General Update: Baby

As a general update to all. Elliott can now do the following with relative reliability:
- Give kisses when asked (and when not distracted)
- Point to things
- Point to a short list of things (fan, stuffed fish...) when asked "Where's the ______?"
- Clap along
- Dance to music
- Climb stairs with the best of them
- Say "dada" and also "dada..da....dadda...daadaa"
- Say "dog" and "all done" (in her own way)
- Stand on her own for more than 10 seconds
- Play basketball (Playskool style)
- Climb onto the open dishwasher door (not endorsed by her parents)

There are so many things happening these days and it is really exciting to see her cognitive skills advance day by day. She turns 11 months tomorrow.

We love our baby.

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pepperc said...

We all love that little sweetie!!