Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crying It Out: The Update

I just put baby Elliott to sleep and decided I would provide an update. Elliott is doing GREAT.

We have a nice little night time ritual we 3 enjoy together.

1) tub (optional)
2) pajamas
3) play in room
4) dim lights in bedroom
5) say good night to every room in our apartment ("good night kitchen" - then turn out light)
6) along the way we find Lucy, Elliott's doll, and there is a happy reunion
7) back to the bedroom
8) nurse
9) brush teeth
10) prayer
11) song
12) kiss - into bed (that is really 2 steps but i did not want the last step to be the number 13 :)

Elliott lets me put her in the crib without a fuss. She lays down and GOES TO SLEEP! It is so cute we may have to video tape it. I wish I could stand there and stare at her as she goes to sleep but I am thinking that might not work. I mean, she goes to sleep! It is an amazing thing.

Elliott wakes up early in the am 5:30 or so. I nurse her, I probably should not but I do...then she goes to sleep for another hour. She is still getting up too early. We should work on tweaking her schedule so she is not up so early - but for now, it's working. I just need to work on going to bed earlier myself.

Naps are still not easy. She cries and cries if put in her crib. I have to nurse her to sleep, but it does not always work. So I have a bad habit on planning to go somewhere during her nap so she falls asleep in the car. It's cheating, I know. Right now I think she is figuring out if she is a one nap or two nap a day girl. If anyone has any nap pointers they are welcome.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flying Horses

This is me, blogging instead of sleeping.

Today Papa, Suki, Elliott and myself went to Nantasket Beach in Hull, Ma. Poor Jer needed to stay behind in order to participate in a group meeting for school. Suki decided on the trip because she wanted to see Elliott on the carousel. The carousel has a great deal of history surrounding it and I invite you to learn more.

Elliott enjoyed watching the horses as we walked around it and watched the children ride by. Her little pointer finger went right up to the sight before her eyes.

When we boarded she became a bit apprehensive and held on tight. The trip on the carousel was definitely a full sensory experience for her. The organ was quite loud and I held my hand over her little ears when we went by and it kept that little lower lip from jutting out. She liked spotting her Papa and Suki watching her from the "side lines" we kept spotting them again and again and again!

Post ride we ate some ice cream (Ellie too. She liked it.) and went to the beach. The tide was out, the sun was low ,the breeze was fantastic and the sand was hard packed. It was awesome. Perfect for some romping and toddling. Happy Sunday everybody!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Greetings friends and family,

We look forward to getting more pictures up for you to enjoy of Elliott's big east coast family bash. In the mean time, I (Rachel) hope this blog post finds you well!

I wanted to announce to all of you that I have embarked on a new adventure. As of September, I have become an independent consultant for Arbonne International.

Arbonne International is a company dedicated to producing health and beauty products that are "safe, pure and beneficial".

My cousin, Dawn, has been using these products at her salon for over a year and, despite my fears and reservations, I have decided to take the plunge. I think it will be fun and a challenge. Fun because it is a party based business - a challenge because I will have to give presentations!

So, I encourage you to take a peek at the Arbonne International website. We just announced the holiday line which has such fun products such as "Pampermint" so you can love your feet this winter! If you like something you can order under my pin number: 18 37 43 19

And if I ask you to host a party - don't be afraid! It WILL be fun. You KNOW I am all about fun!

If you want me to host a party (you do get Arbonne treats!) please let me know!

My goal is to host 2 parties a month while Jeremy is in graduate school. Perhaps you can be one person who can help me reach my goal.

Love, Rachel

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best first birthday party ever!

This is a composite of two photos, the kids got excited sooner than the grownups so I added them back in.

More photos to follow.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

She's Walking!

She had started walking unaided last Wednesday, however it wasn't until yesterday (Tuesday) that she took a significant amount of steps under her own motivation. I would not consider her a walker but she is walking. Give her a couple more days and she will be walking much more regularly.