Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crying It Out: The Update

I just put baby Elliott to sleep and decided I would provide an update. Elliott is doing GREAT.

We have a nice little night time ritual we 3 enjoy together.

1) tub (optional)
2) pajamas
3) play in room
4) dim lights in bedroom
5) say good night to every room in our apartment ("good night kitchen" - then turn out light)
6) along the way we find Lucy, Elliott's doll, and there is a happy reunion
7) back to the bedroom
8) nurse
9) brush teeth
10) prayer
11) song
12) kiss - into bed (that is really 2 steps but i did not want the last step to be the number 13 :)

Elliott lets me put her in the crib without a fuss. She lays down and GOES TO SLEEP! It is so cute we may have to video tape it. I wish I could stand there and stare at her as she goes to sleep but I am thinking that might not work. I mean, she goes to sleep! It is an amazing thing.

Elliott wakes up early in the am 5:30 or so. I nurse her, I probably should not but I do...then she goes to sleep for another hour. She is still getting up too early. We should work on tweaking her schedule so she is not up so early - but for now, it's working. I just need to work on going to bed earlier myself.

Naps are still not easy. She cries and cries if put in her crib. I have to nurse her to sleep, but it does not always work. So I have a bad habit on planning to go somewhere during her nap so she falls asleep in the car. It's cheating, I know. Right now I think she is figuring out if she is a one nap or two nap a day girl. If anyone has any nap pointers they are welcome.


The Thackers said...

Rachel, I love her bedtime routine. Love it. That's so great that she just goes to sleep. Now I hope you can get some sleep! By the way, your Elliot is sure cute! I wish we lived closer to one another so our little girls could play and be friends! :-)

SLP said...

Soo glad to hear. For about a year (10 months until almost 2) Theo got up between 4:15 - 4:45 and would REFUSE to go back to sleep.
It almost killed us.
You're doing AWESOME...keep up the good work.

SandyKay said...

What a mom! (and dad!) Nice work. I almost cried myself when I read your post about the first "cry it out" session. You captured that parental agony so well. It brought back vivid memories of my first time doing that with Ava. But, yay! It sounds like everything is working out perfectly. What a little champ she is.

Rick and Moshi said...

I am so happy for you. I remember when it was time to do that with Logan, it was so hard when I started it and I would always pick him up and promise myself that I'd never let him cry like that, until months went by and IT WAS TIME. Oh, it worked and it was great. Now he has been a wonderful sleep through the night little boy since he was 8 months. Luke still doesn't sleep through the night consistently yet, but he is on his way, maybe a few more months, but I'm not nearly as exhausted as I was with my first, so I might baby him a little bit longer :) They just grow up so fast.