Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flying Horses

This is me, blogging instead of sleeping.

Today Papa, Suki, Elliott and myself went to Nantasket Beach in Hull, Ma. Poor Jer needed to stay behind in order to participate in a group meeting for school. Suki decided on the trip because she wanted to see Elliott on the carousel. The carousel has a great deal of history surrounding it and I invite you to learn more.

Elliott enjoyed watching the horses as we walked around it and watched the children ride by. Her little pointer finger went right up to the sight before her eyes.

When we boarded she became a bit apprehensive and held on tight. The trip on the carousel was definitely a full sensory experience for her. The organ was quite loud and I held my hand over her little ears when we went by and it kept that little lower lip from jutting out. She liked spotting her Papa and Suki watching her from the "side lines" we kept spotting them again and again and again!

Post ride we ate some ice cream (Ellie too. She liked it.) and went to the beach. The tide was out, the sun was low ,the breeze was fantastic and the sand was hard packed. It was awesome. Perfect for some romping and toddling. Happy Sunday everybody!

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Cherisa said...

What a fun afternoon! I'm glad Elliott liked it. Aiden's still a little freaked out by the inanimate objects that move up and down. Cute shots!