Friday, October 23, 2009

What can I tell ya?

Elliott has tons of tricks!

She pointed at teeth of a woman smiling in a magazine and made a sound that was just like the word teeth. "tttth, tttth"

She goes and gets a book from the other room and brings it back to you at your request.

She wants to wear her glitter shoes and will bring them to you so she can do so.

She has a slow zombie dance which we must get on video.

She kisses dolls, toys, pictures of books, you - with a smacking sound for emphasis.

She finds a bag and wanders around putting things in it: a piece of food from the floor and a chick toy - only the best - all in the same bag.

She is signing like a madwoman for "more", "nurse" and "eat"

She can turn on the knob on our baseboard heater in the den. (We are going to have to address that)

Yesterday she was going up and down the small, three step slide at McDonald's all by herself! She LOVED it!

This little girl is SO MUCH fun!

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