Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quincy Christmas Parade

Today, we ditched out early on church to go to the Quincy Christmas parade. It was as fun as a smaller parade can be. We did get some good photos of Elliott. The weather was better than could be hoped for. and yes, she is saying Santa, in her own way.

Elliott is now 15 months old. Happy monthaversary baby! Elliott is getting cooler and cooler all the time and she has some new tricks we wanted to share:

-feeding herself yogurt
-feeding her baby doll her sippy cup.
-wiping her doll's nose
-pretending to blow her nose (by taking a tissue, putting it to her nose and making a noise with her mouth)
-saying "bless" when you or she sneeze
-throwing her hands up in the air and shrugging her shoulders when you ask a question she is unsure of the answer to (i.e. where is your sippy cup elliott?)
-backing up to sit on your lap with a book in hand (please NOT the duck book, please!)
-Animal sounds: Roar, Woof, Oink (a snort!), Moo, Sssss (like a snake)
-Words: Horse (Has), Duck, Santa (Sasa), Hat, Boo (as in ghost), Teeth (thhh), Andrew (Adoo), Bless, Dog, Vroom, Vroom.
-Blow kisses
-We have met with her stubborn streak. She uses her arm to say "get away from me" which we call the windshield wiper arm. It's pretty effective. For instance, Jer went into check on her when she cried out at 3am the other day. Poor Jer, he got the windshield wiper arm: "not you, I want the woman with the milk!" Sorry baby, you only get that after 6am now. Momma's all you can eat kitchen is closed after 8pm.
-Sniffing! So cute. You ask if you can give her a sniff, and you sniff her cheek. Then you ask her to sniff you (your face :) and she nuzzles up close to your cheek and gives you little baby sniffs.
-She has figured out how to use a water fountain even though she cannot reach to drink.
-Letter writing: Elliott likes to take a pen and piece of paper and pretend to write on them....she now has her own designated "pen" with ink removed so she can write letters to her family in California.
-For a long time she has brought us her doll and a shoe and requests that we put the shoe on the doll. Yelling at first, now signing "please". Then she gets another shoe, repeat. After that, she take the doll and makes her dance.
-She has made friends with Andrew our downstairs neighbor. Today we said "want to go downstairs and play with Andrew" she promptly turned around, left the kitchen and headed to the door.

Our struggles with El are primarily eating. Some days are good some days are bad. Right now she eats (somewhat regularly, but not guaranteed) sweet potato pancakes, raisins, whole wheat pasta with red sauce (I throw some pureed carrot in there too), black beans, red beans, rice, quesadilla, oatmeal, yogurt, cheese, pirates booty and veggie chips. We are hoping to expand her palate. We have read that if picky kids eat with less picky kids they eat better...we are going to try that with Andrew downstairs. He is a great eater and we hope maybe he can be a good example.

That's it for a general update. Pretty much, the little girl rocks!


turleybenson said...

Things Jonah is doing: none of the above.

Anonymous said...

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