Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heart Rate Monitor

For Christmas I received a Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor.

I have wanted one for a few years now, so I was pretty excited about the gift. I was also intimidated. A heart rate monitor is a gadget. A gadget which I would have to learn how to use. Unlike my husband, that idea does not thrill me. It makes me nervous. Reading directions! The horror!

I am proud of myself for sitting down and studying how to use the Heart Rate Monitor and then applying what I have studied and actually using the thing.

There are two components to the monitor. One, the monitor/watch that attaches to your wrist and a strap/transmitter that wraps around your chest, "just below the chest muscles" (I should say "below" something else here). It's serious. Since my work out philosophy is work hard but keep it light I am still working on the balance between my serious exercise apparatus and keeping my exercise routine not too serious.

What's a not too serious exercise routine?

By this I mean, if I do not feel like going to the gym, but I go and just stand in the hallway chatting, I give myself points for trying...not that I actually do that, but I need to know that exercise is always my choice and not forced, a "have to", "should" or too intense that I will get burned out and quit. So far, my mentality has worked, I have been going to the gym consistently (with a few holidays for sickness, fear of my baby getting h1n1 in childcare before her shots, Christmas etc. for 4 years)

So I have this new toy, that has the potential to make me intense but I am working to keep my demons at bay, and, so far, I am enjoying the new heart rate monitor. My goal is to increase my fitness level and the quality of my work out while also decreasing my workout time. From what I have learned, the more you stay in your heart rate zone as indicated by the monitor the better work out you get. The more you stay under your heart rate zone the more you are wasting you time...and I am all about not wasting my time in the gym. I have parties to be at, yo.

(I also have a kid in the gym child care who could freak and cause me to abort my workout at any given moment)

So, I have worked out about 5 times with the monitor. What I have found is that I have decreased my work out time so far, which is great. My monitor actually "talks" to the fitness equipment so I don't always have to be checking my watch which is sweet AND I can download my workouts to the computer to review and determine which workouts were best (burned the most calories, kept my heart rate up the most)...and I am liking it. I am still working through my fear of the gadget. There are more things to learn about this monitor but I am comfortable not knowing a few things now and just doing the basics. There is a part of me that wants everyone to have one. How many of us have wasted time working out? Rather than knowing the your heart rate is and getting what you know is a a good workout. We can go by perceived exertion, panting, sweating like a grease ball, but then we may be outside of the "fat burning zone" and just working our heart which is great...but what about my butt!?

So this is me. If you did not know, I am an exerciser. I like it. I like to move my body, not because I have to but because it feels good and it is good for me.

If you actually read this post in it's entirety you must really like me, you are very bored or just a little tweaked.


Jeremy said...

I thinks it's time I say it, I really like you and that's why I read the whole post and why I am really happy you like your heart rate gadget.

Erin said...

I really like you and I'm trying to avoid getting more stressed in this football game. It was a good distraction. ;)

NoSurfGirl said...


Actually interested in the subject matter. I used to be on the x country ski team in high school and so aerobic excercize is something I feel I need to incorporate back into my schedule... somehow!!! But with my current situation, the gymn is a no-go. But something like that sounds like it might help out/work things out better. I really want to work on my fitness after this next baby is born.

Janssen said...

I really like you too :)

Also, I'm a nerd about nifty gadgets AND working out. So, you know, this post was all interesting to me.

HaH said...

Ditto to liking you and ditto to liking the subject matter. I used to have a heart rate monitor, and I loved it, but it wasn't as high tech as yours. I'm now jealous.