Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bring on the Cuteness

Recently, the babe had a low grade fever for a week I decided to call the MD. I try not to be a freak, obsessive, worry momster so I put it off a bit just to be sure it was not in my head. It was not, Elliott is now recovering from a double ear infection which, come to find out, sucks. Whiney sick babies really zap the life out of you and are generally less pleasant to be around, which is tough when all they want to do is be held. I actually pulled out my back on this one. (Holla to Jer for the back rubs)

She is around the bend now and recouping like a champ. Here are some pics from before and after the ear infection.

Elliott's pediatrician said to me "hunger is the best motivator" when I inquired about our fussy eater. Well, we got her good and hungry and she ate multiple bowls of chili. She kept asking for more. Jeremy and I just sat there quietly in awe, as not to draw attention to the fact that ELLIOTT IS EATING!! (she nows smiles when asked, hence the cheese:)

Play date with her betrothed, baby J.

"Wasat?" She asks as she gets very very close. The nose crust: it could be boogs it could be yogurt, sometimes its hard to tell.

Rasta baby. She puts on daddy's hat. We keep the ganja out of reach, don't worry.

Snow bunny. Very pink snow bunny.


Janssen said...

That snow suit is awesome!

The Thackers said...

I totally agree...whiney sick babies are the worst. Lauren's had a double ear infection too and is now on day 3 of antibiotics. She's still pretty fussy and I'm waiting for the medicine to work its magic. Glad Elliott is on the mend. :-)