Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Family Call

"Aaaaaaaaaaay Bo!"

That's our family call. It has been our family call since I was a little girl.

As the story goes, my dad grew up with a friend named Jimmy*. When they were kids, Jimmy had a tough dog named Bo. Bo, I gather, was always taking off, hence needed to be called.

Somehow the constant call of "Ay bo" transcended. It became a greeting and, more importantly, a family call. I remember from a young age being lost in the crowd of a ski area and not knowing where my dad was. I hear the call and know I am safe, look in the direction of the call easily reconnect with my dad.

When I graduated from college "Ay Bo" was on my cap.

"Ay Bo" is living on. Jeremy has now adopted the call. If we lose each other in a store, just a quick call and we are together again.

A few months ago, Jeremy was calling my name as I was rocking out to music in the other room. I did not hear until I heard "Ay Bo" and went right in to help.

How cool is that?

I love that we have a family call. I love that it has moved from my dad's child hood, to my childhood, into Elliott's.

Sometimes I don't think I have family traditions. But I do. And that one is pretty awesome.

*Jimmy's told me when I was a wee little kid that his name was Pepsi, at the time the "no coke, pepsi" skit was big on SNL. I believed him. I remember being disappointed when I found out Pepsi was not his actual name. Jimmy did not sound right, how could I call him anything other?

p.s. you better find your own family call. Steal "Ay Bo" and it will defeat the purpose and Elliott will be lost in Disney World forever and it will be all your fault

p.p.s Jimmy's last name is Carter

can I have a 3 p. s.? Do you have a family call?


Janssen said...

That is very awesome. I will need to think of a family call. Maybe "Hey you!" ?

HaH said...

(My cousins insist that I used to say my name was Alka-Seltzer...)

Johnson Family said...

We have a family call, which we call a war-whoop that resonates loudly around and we know who is calling. Lee has not adopted it yet. Once my grandma used it in the supermarket when calling to grandpa and someone asked if it was her mating call. She said yes.

NoSurfGirl said...

That is actually a pretty smart idea. now I need to think of something resonant and original enough. That doesn't sound like a commonly-used word.

That's a tough one.