Saturday, May 01, 2010

Busy Bear

Basically, if Elliott is sleeping I am trying to clean or catch up on sleep. Kids are serious work.

Fun fact. For a long time, Elliott has taking to taking care of her lady business under the dining room table (by lady business I mean poop). So, the other day when she was quiet and underneath the dining room table. I gave her the required privacy.

Little did I know her actions were far less benign than pooping.

Baby got a Sharpie.

Homegirl hit up FOUR of my dining room chairs. Look at that picture. She is shameless!

When we purchased the set, I had visions of this event occurring. I was proud that I kept my cool as to not stifle her creativity and recommended paper as an effective medium for future artistic endeavors.

She has also discovered the thrill of walking in mommy's shoes.

The kids vocab is off the hook. (For the layperson: Elliott's vocabulary is ever expanding)

We are getting a big kick out of hearing her say "thank you" and "your welcome"("your welcome has a wind up and is like "wwwwwelcome". She says both back to back, like she is having a conversation with herself or some times if I pass something back to her in the car she will say clear as a bell "thank you". We have a little miss manners.

She is sometimes chucking things toys etc. In those cases, I have her pick it back and have her try again, gently. I am not in the mood to have a black eye from a chucked sippy cup.

Elliott is making us crazy people is the sleep department. I can't even type about it. Trust me, it's just bad. Last night my parents took her overnight and we had some reprieve.

Untethered, we went to Jer's school talent show. He did not even get a nod from the judges! I took comfort knowing that none of the people with actual musical talent got any recognition. (but I still want to toilet paper their house) Post talent show we went on a hot date. We opted for a super casual walking date popping in for pizza and ice cream along the way. We mingled among the beautiful people on Newbury Street in gorgeous weather. The highlight for me was seeing an old dude rocking out to "spoon man" with the windows down in his seriously sweet ride.

To close, another note of cuteness: Elliott is now having tea parties! Auntie Lisa & Uncle Michael got her a set for Christmas. She say "tea" "tea" and we sit down and she "pours" and "stirs" and "sipps" and "cheers".

Very stinkin' cute!


Janssen said...

Wait, kids are WORK?

Could you have warned me about this earlier?

The Thackers said...

Oh, I'm dying for you over the sharpie on your dining room chairs. Props to you for keeping your cool. I'm impressed and inspired. Sam drew all over the carpet the other day with a red (washable) marker and I admit I let a, "What were you thinking?!" come out of my mouth. He cried and then I felt really bad. Not worth the outburst on my part.