Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zombie Land and Back

Elliott has decided that she hates to sleep and we have had to sleep train our little love nugget once again. There is some speculation as to how this sleep slip occurred. A few things may have triggered it. First we tweaked her bed time a 1/2 hour earlier then one day she decided she no longer wanted to nap her crib. I was fine with that. I let her nap in ours - we would nap together or I would cuddle her to sleep and slip away - mommy-ninja style. OH! but once she got a flavor for that you know she wanted MORE! She wanted to sleep in our bed at night time too. Finally, for a few weeks, miss thing was starting to seem a little grown up. Wanting to sit on the potty. We were thinking "it was time" was this an act of regression? telling us she is not ready to grow up? I don't know. I only know we are freaking tired and I know she knows what her bed is and that she should sleep in it.

Night 1. Home girl cried for 3 hours. 3! Every ten min I go in and send my love - till she can't fight the sandman no more.

Night 2. Out in 35 min.

Night 3. TBD

For those of you who poo poo CIO. You can. I co-slept with my baby for a year, busted my back in a sling and nursed for 19 months - so judge away that's fine.


Jamie Onken said...

I love you and Elliott! No judgment here, just sympathy.

turleybenson said...

Oh honey. If people are judging you, they should arrest me.

Elliott!!! GO TO SLEEP!!

Des said...

I normally hate blogs about peoples families and babies but yours really captivated me. Its so real and you have a lot of humor in it and your baby is just adorable.
It was fun to read :)