Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Museum of Science and Technology

So we are thinking of joining this:

So we get this:

Membership Benefits Include:

•Free! admission (The Chiildren's Museum, The Science Museum and More!)
◦Enjoy unlimited AMSE visits for a whole year, starting today!
•Free! admission to other museums
◦Take advantage of free admissions to over 250 museums worldwide through the ASTC Passport Program
•Discovery Shop discount
◦Save 10% on AMSE merchandise every day.
•Members-only events
◦You’re invited to exclusive members-only events.
•Facility rental discount
◦10% discount when you reserve AMSE facilities for your personal celebrations.
•Birthday party discount
◦10% discount on AMSE birthday parties.
•AMSE Camp discount
◦Save on AMSE Camp fees for your kids! (discounts vary by camp week)
•Classes and Workshops discounts
◦Save on classes and workshops presented at AMSE (discounts vary depending on class or workshop).

For this Price: (am thinking Family or Family + Friends because the more the merrier!)

Membership Categories
Individual $25
Grandparent $30
Family $35
Family & Friends $75
The Sunday Punch Club $150
The U-235 Club $235

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sun Protection

Many of you know may know how obsessed I am about sunscreen and sun protection. Here is a cute little thing to make me think even more!

Sun, Summer Safety and Cancer
Via: Term Life Insurance

Now onto the beach! This week and last we have enjoyed a familiar family beach. Humarock Beach. Clearly, Elliott is far better about her sun protection than I am.

Via: Term Life Insurance

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today I am giving blogging another shot. The problem is me and the camera have some disconnect going on, and pictures tell such a better tale then my words. But, for the sake of documentation, I will tell you what El is up to lately.

Today Elliott took a break from her household duties, sweeping, and played air guitar with the broom. ...which is funny since she hates when her father plays the guitar. Jeremy has concluded it is because when he does play the guitar she is not getting all his attention. Even if he changes every verse of "coming round the mountain" to include horses for her enjoyment. I also have a memory of her and papa playing air guitar with a bat...

Today we also took her to a "lifestyle center" an outside mall, if you will, so we could hit up Whole Foods for one of her favorite snacks. Freeze dried corn. She loves it. You should try it. We brought her baby and stroller, which she pushed up and down the sidewalks much to many shoppers delight. I mean, how cute it is that?

Elliott loves her baby "julia" when she can't find her she walks though the house saying "julia where are yooooou?" Elliott will rock, burp, nurse, wrap and sing with Julia. Sometimes she will drop Julia intentionally (over and over again) and want me to pick her up and comfort the doll. So help me, pray we don't lose this thing.

Lately, we have been hearing Elliott say "self". Which is telling us she wants to do something herself. I have been introducing the word "team work" so I can actually her shoes on and out the door in a reasonable time. Now she can say both.

This week we have gone to Humarock beach a lot. Elliot rocks her full body 50 spf sun suit and we love not having to apply too much sunblock. She is having a great time dipping the rocks in her pail filled with salt water and sucking on them. Isn't that what the beach is all about?

Some other funny things:

"carry you" means carry me.

She only tells you that she has pooped when she has not.

"Rewon" means "another one".

Baloney, Jeremy (both refer to her father, don't ask :)

She hugs us close to avoid a diaper change cuz she knows we love it.

She hated, now loves slides. A drastic, overnight, change.

Panpakes = pancakes. "Dip" is maple syrup which is only for special occasions.

So, there you go. I will try to pick up some blogging steam for you all to enjoy.

Elliott and Dad showing off their mustaches.