Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Museum of Science and Technology

So we are thinking of joining this:

So we get this:

Membership Benefits Include:

•Free! admission (The Chiildren's Museum, The Science Museum and More!)
◦Enjoy unlimited AMSE visits for a whole year, starting today!
•Free! admission to other museums
◦Take advantage of free admissions to over 250 museums worldwide through the ASTC Passport Program
•Discovery Shop discount
◦Save 10% on AMSE merchandise every day.
•Members-only events
◦You’re invited to exclusive members-only events.
•Facility rental discount
◦10% discount when you reserve AMSE facilities for your personal celebrations.
•Birthday party discount
◦10% discount on AMSE birthday parties.
•AMSE Camp discount
◦Save on AMSE Camp fees for your kids! (discounts vary by camp week)
•Classes and Workshops discounts
◦Save on classes and workshops presented at AMSE (discounts vary depending on class or workshop).

For this Price: (am thinking Family or Family + Friends because the more the merrier!)

Membership Categories
Individual $25
Grandparent $30
Family $35
Family & Friends $75
The Sunday Punch Club $150
The U-235 Club $235


Jamie Onken said...

I was thinking of getting a children's museum membership when we get back. would this be better?

David Blanchard said...

Looks like a great deal.

kristen said...

DO IT! I'm totally ready to hit it all up this winter!