Friday, August 27, 2010

Sleepy Baby with Books

Last night Elliott insisted she had to sleep with some of her books. We are pretty sure she would have slept with all of them if she could. She kept on trying to add more and more...

Monday, August 23, 2010

We've Got Sentences Here People!

Ell will be two years old on 8/28 and she is starting to share with us some (short) full sentences and a whole lot of NO's (with a smile).

Momma do it.
Momma read it.
I read it.
I do it.
Suki do it.
Suki Posh on. (toe nail polish).
Dadda do it.
I buckle it.

Obviously there is a whole lot of IT going on. Whatever it is, she is so cute and fun. I feel like we have reached a new stage in her amazingness.

Fun fact. Elliott peed on the potty today. Monkey See. Monkey Do. Her B-Fi Andrew took care of business and she just had to follow suit!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hummarock River

This was shot with a Flip Mino SD with a broken screen. Therefore, I had no viewfinder and was shooting "blind" or by feel.

I would like to get a new Flip Mino HD and add a Sunpak wide lens kit, to improve POV.

Also, If you want to simply skip to the cutest part of the video go to about 6:30.

Monday, August 09, 2010

When the hit's Just keep on coming

To piggy back on Marissa's worst post ever. I will share the things I have lost recently.

my watch
my cell phone
my ATM card
and the very best
my wallet

Upside about the watch. I was able to find the same exact watch at the exact same Target. The price tag did not hurt too much ($15).

My cell phone was found in the bushes in my parents back yard. It was missing for a week before I spotted it on my parents counter top. (when were they going to tell me? I guess they couldn't...)

The ATM card. Still MIA. No withdrawals. Canceled it (thanks Jer). New one on the way.

My wallet. I saw you Sunday! Where are you? Searched the car. The bags. No dice.
At least the car is now clean. No, that really does not provide consolation. It has got to be around right? That is my consolation. Generally the things I lose turn up some day.

So why the chaos? Between beach hopping, pool jumping, splash park splashing, museum visiting and general summer fun - it is hard to keep tray of all the stuff (oh bags and bags of stuff) I lug.

Any ideas?

Saturday, August 07, 2010

dinner out with the girls

Susan, Colleen, Dawn, Louise, Michelle, Rachel
(note a "little people" I found in my purse on the table, front and center)

To celebrate my cousin Colleen's return from Italy for an extended summer stay with her husband and children; the aunties and cousins went to Siro's for a girls night out. It was a wonderful time with delicious food. Thank you Michelle for letting me eat all your chicken parm! We should definitely make outings like this happen more often.


Playing with Star Stickers Sent by Grandma Sharon

Yesterday I let Elliott do one of her favorite things. Play in the driver's seat of the car.

She loves it.

As you may know, children often have trouble with transitions. So, for along time we have given Elliott a 5 minute countdown when we will be leaving the park or changing up something she is engrossed in.

Yesterday I started with the five minute countdown in the car. "5 minutes, Elliott, then when momma says beep beep beep we will be all done with the car" and the same down to 1. At one minute I say "one more minute Elliott then when momma says beep beep beep we will be all done with the car". Elliott looks at me then peeks into the pocket of the backpack next to her and says "More?" I reply "More?"

She replys: "More minutes?"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

July Update

Just in case you did not notice. We have some videos on the right hand side. To see a video of Elliott click on "July Update" and enjoy. Even if it is in August!