Monday, August 09, 2010

When the hit's Just keep on coming

To piggy back on Marissa's worst post ever. I will share the things I have lost recently.

my watch
my cell phone
my ATM card
and the very best
my wallet

Upside about the watch. I was able to find the same exact watch at the exact same Target. The price tag did not hurt too much ($15).

My cell phone was found in the bushes in my parents back yard. It was missing for a week before I spotted it on my parents counter top. (when were they going to tell me? I guess they couldn't...)

The ATM card. Still MIA. No withdrawals. Canceled it (thanks Jer). New one on the way.

My wallet. I saw you Sunday! Where are you? Searched the car. The bags. No dice.
At least the car is now clean. No, that really does not provide consolation. It has got to be around right? That is my consolation. Generally the things I lose turn up some day.

So why the chaos? Between beach hopping, pool jumping, splash park splashing, museum visiting and general summer fun - it is hard to keep tray of all the stuff (oh bags and bags of stuff) I lug.

Any ideas?


turleybenson said...


Jeremy Blanchard said...

We have found Rachel's wallet!!!

The only problem is, I can't find Rachel to tell her. She went to the gym 3 hours ago and left her cell phone at home.

Hopefully I'll be able to tell her soon.

Rachel Federman said...

I am always losing things. Had amazing luck twice. Once -- two silver rings I took off at a lake -- came back and found them in the sand the next day. The other my wallet that I'd thrown away on a warehouse and scrap metal factory lined street in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Found it in the plastic bag along with 6 empty Corona bottles the next morning. Hope you find the rest of your stuff.