Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mommy Cooking

I have a new name. It is "mommy cooking".

"Where are we going mommy cooking?", "Mommy Cooking, where are you?", "I need some help, Mommy Cooking."

I guess I say the phrase enough that it has turned into my name and I think it is quite adorable. Kind of like "Jim Dear" and "Darling" in Lady and the Tramp.

Elliott has started gymnastics. She won't do a somersault in class, but you know she is doing them all over the place at home.

We go to gymnastics at a place called the Tot Plex. At the Tot Plex there are moon bounces. Homegirl is a freak for them. "Moon bounce, I excited"

We have also introduced Elliott to the movie May Poppins. She loves it, but I may now be obsessed. How darling is Mary Poppins? She is "practically perfect in every way"!

I might want to be her a little bit.

In other news I am trying to start a private practice. As a result of the stress/anxiety I have developed a wee bit of a twitch. So if you see me squinting at you, it is not a vision problem, but perhaps I would rather you think that it was. Maybe I should put my hands in my pockets and jump on a moon bounce for a bit to get the stress out. I am trying to take up yoga to integrate bit more relaxation and general bendiness into my life. Hopefully it helps!


Janssen said...

Your baby is just so cute I can hardly stand it.

HaH said...

Congratulations and best wishes for starting your own practice! That is very exciting Mommy Cooking!

NoSurfGirl said...

You're a therapist, right?

I worked at a RTC for women with eating disorders for 2 years and decided that I emphatically do NOT want to be a therapist. You must be quite a strong woman.

Mommy cooking. Hilarious.

I think right now I'm Mommy Kiss-lips. My kids are going through a strange sort of obsession with Jeff's and my demostrative moments. Of course we do the whole "kiss longer while they make grossed-out noises" thing. But it's kind of embarrassing to be called it in public :)